13-100 "Natura abhorret a vacuo"

December 3rd, 2018, 10:00 am

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"Natura abhorret a vacuo" | "Nature abhors a vacuum"

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Reply IVA_12, December 2nd, 2018, 8:19 am

U P D A T E Hey'all!

An update!

I gotta apologise for the confusing perspective in this page, but I'm just gonna put on record some of it are intentional.

Just some FYI...The plaque reads "Natura abhorret a vacuo" which translates to "Nature abhors a vacuum".
The "totem pole" is supposed to stand 7-9-ish metres high, or at least visually as tall as a standard flagpole. Yeah, Meija's right on that, it does not look like your standard totem pole. More like a statue. But the souvenir/clue does look like a totem pole though (◕‿◕)☆

Additional FYI...troops & people who use the site are the typical girl and/or boy scouts; the process goes through a reservation of a party of patrons--be it a group of patron parents for their kids or a said party of patron parents representing a whole group of their children's peers, with the patron parents and scout master as guardian-- willing to use the site. Camping season is usually utilised in between summer and autumn, so it's apparent that the scouts aren't there yet. The patrons don't go to that place alone though even with their attendant, too far and can get uninvitingly damp; although nature buffs are a frequent visitors, they're only a handful though. This part of the BM vicinity separated by the lake is the almost as wide as the area of land in the main grounds, and its only utilisation is for camping.

Gosh it's December already and woooh is my update consistency...disappointing (눈_눈)
I'll be doing my best to update!

Stay young folks!

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