13-94 Flashback~Verse III (verses 10, 11, 08)

July 9th, 2018, 11:00 am

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Song Of Nature by Ralph Waldo Emmerson | verses 10, 11, 08

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Reply IVA_12, July 1st, 2018, 3:28 am

Flashback~Verse pt.iii (verses 10, 11, 8) Hey'all! Another 1pg update for you.
Have this flashback!
It's about the 2nd disappearance that happened 10 yrs. ago in the BM club. Lawyers and the media are straining.

The poem is Song Of Nature by Ralph Waldo Emmerson, the verses above are as follows: 10, 11, 08

(poem transcript)
x. But he, the man-child glorious,--
Where tarries he the while?
The rainbow shines his harbinger,
The sunset gleams his smile.

xi. My boreal lights leap upward,
Forthright my planets roll,
And still the man-child is not born,
The summit of the whole.

viii. What time the gods kept carnival,
Tricked out in star and flower,
And in cramp elf and saurian forms
They swathed their too much power.

All credit for the verses goes to R.W. Emmerson.

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